Minikane & Paola Reina Dolls

These beautiful Minikane and Paola Reina dolls have been made in Spain since 1870. They are made from high quality vanilla scented PVC that is guaranteed to be phthalate-free. These dolls are all anatomically correct and are sold naked. They measure 13 inches (34cm) CLOTHING IS SOLD SEPRATELY.

Paola Reina creates dolls that every child can identify with, regardless of gender, race or culture. Paola Reina dolls are the cherished companions of children around the world, with their unparalleled quality also making them trusted by parents and the perfect addition to any doll collection.

Minikane Dolls are made by Paola Reina in Spain and distributed by the Minikane company in France. 

Clothing offered separately is either made by Minikane, or handmade by me (Michelle) to be the perfect size for these dolls.