Mini Colettos Doll - Kate

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Introducing Mini Colettos, a diverse line of anatomically correct newborn dolls, artisan-made in Spain with thoughtfulness, care and exceptional attention to detail. Kate is a newborn female doll with light tan skin, medium-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Playing with dolls and doll accessories is proven to help children develop empathy and compassion, and can help them exercise fine motor skills.


These dolls are all anatomically correct and are sold naked. They measure 13 inches (34cm) CLOTHING IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

-eco friendly and nontoxic phthalate free vinyl

-moveable head and limbs

-recommended for ages 3 and up

*this style of doll often will have a one arm or leg that moves more freely than the others. This is not a defect, but just a characteristic of the style of doll and does not affect the quality of the doll. Refunds and exchanges will not be offered for loose limbs.  

Why choose an anatomically correct doll?

-It can be an avenue to open up conversation about the correct names of body parts.  Children are never too young to learn the proper names of genitalia.  Studies have shown that children who know the proper names are less susceptible to abuse.

Improving Self-Esteem: When children use correct anatomical language, it has been shown to improve body image and self-confidence. Having a doll that looks a lot like the child also improves self-esteem because it affirms to the child that there are people in the world that look like them.

CURLY hair dolls often look a little matted upon arriving due to shipping.  I recommend weating the hair under running water and combing gently with a wide tooth comb(some shedding is normal).  Then softly patting dry (don’t rub or you will create frizz). And then sit the doll up to air dry.